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Friends Only

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This journal is "Friends Only". If you think you know me or think we have a lot of common interests, comment and i'll consider adding you.
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Will become friends only lj

Big changes are coming. As of Today this journal will no longer be free to the public. After discussing something with a classmate of mine I have decided to make this journal "Friends Only". Consider you all lucky to know me and be here ^_^ You are all the privileged few. I have also filtered everyone, this is no big deal I just felt like if I wanted to put up a university announcement the other people wouldn't care about that, so thats basically all that's there for. I don't expect to filter people often though.
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Can't go to JACON on Saturday

Big Update: I can't go to JACON on Saturday. So i want pictures people, pictures. I might be able to go on Friday, but i'm not sure. I figured work wasn't going to schedule me for saturday, because well they never do. But I have to work on Saturday so that means no JACON.

Those of you with Digital Cable and even those without might be interested to hear what I found out the other day. One of the channels in the 300s is called "Anime on Demand" and another called "Adult Swim on Demand". The anime on demand is owned by Anime Network. Today I watched the first episode of DN Angel.

I made FMA icons. Whole mess of them. Shows what I did today. You can see them here.
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Making websites instead of homework

From Friday (I forgot to post this): I sat around and did almost nothing that I should have today. I'm thinking of doing most of it tomorrow. Heck, I don't get a lot fo time to myself around here, so I had to take advantage.

I need/want to get a new laptop b/c mine can't really handle much and i'm running out of GBs. So I found a new laptop with 80GB, mine has 30GB, I think that should be enough right? It's gonna cost me about $1,500. Not to bad but still.

I told my dad I wanted to get a tablet to draw with. I told him that the cheapest one was $89 and I was going to get that one. He told me to get the more expensive one which is like double that, but i told him I don't have the money to spend on that. Dad called me later today and said he would buy it for me. Mom is mad because she says "she" is technically paying for it. I would have been cool with myself buying the cheap one, but when parents offer to buy something, which is hardly ever, you don't turn them down.

Quiz Result Provided By: theOtaku.com.

Who's Your Sohma Guy?
Hosted by theOtaku.com: Anime. Done right.

Today: Started to teach myself CSS (Cascading style sheets). It's a type of programming language that lets you control what you site looks like. Those of you who have tryed to really customize your lj can understand. A CSS allows each page to look the same and you can add effects like scrollbar colors and such. Plus, I fianally moved my site over to freewebs.com which is so much better than geocities. CSS is great for people who know nothing about webpages. If a person makes them a layout in CSS all they have to do is edit the text. You don't have to know much coding because all the coding is seperate.

So anyway here is the link it be cool if you check it out and tell me what you think. Only certain links are working right now though.
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Free work periods are too free

Ok so what i did today, hmm.

09:00 am Was on time for my class, that is just a work period. Finally decided what to do for my project in that class, yay. Spent most of the class period looking at new laptops online. Out of a 60 person class there was only 10 there anyway.

10:30 am Went to Production class and was finally given something to do. Most of the time did absolutely nothing b/c it was also a work period. So I just sat around and surfed the net.

12:00 pm Went to class and hoped to not get shushed by this guy in class for talking again. I hardly ever do it so i felt bad. Watched an Italian cartoon with naked women, gotta love the fact that the teacher is male.

01:30 pm Met mom at Publix on Alafaya for lunch. It has chinese food in it that is kinda like mall style. Actually pretty good. I had sweet and sour chicken and lo mein.

02:30 pm Decided to skip my 3 pm class because it too was a work class and i don't see any redeeming value in attending that class on a normal basis. My mom asked me if i would be counted absent and i told her i didn't even think the teacher knows what absence is. Thus, went to bookstore instead and got Fruits Basket vol 8. I also got a special CLAMP feature on CCS that came with these little limited chess figures. It's really cool. I'll have to post pics later.

04:00 pm Came home and read Fruits Basket and briefly looked at the CCS figures.

07:00 pm After dinner played Kingdom Hearts.

Currently Now writing this and thinking about all the stuff i gotta do this weekend. And how boring my day has been as far as classes. I probably would have had more done if i stayed at home.
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Somedays I just want to rant

I know i've been MIA for awhile. School is nearing the end and let me put it bluntly, it's hell. I need to sign up for my classes today, but I need overrides for all of them, so i'm waiting on an e-mail that i probably wont get any time soon.

I watched the first Inuyasha movie last night and i've only seen the first hour of it. I need to finish it up tonight because I promised to return it tomorrow.

My to do list:
1. Write FMA paper for HoAF (due 4/19)
2. Come up with and make project for Creative class (due 4/19)
3. Come up with and create project for Media design class (due 4/21)
4. Attempt to make something other than cofee for Production group
5. Do taxes (due 4/15) <-- done as of 4/9
6. Write a list of 25 possibilities for Creative class (due 4/7) <-- done right after posting
7. Make a resume (asap) <-- done right after posting

BTW its still me, just plain me. Nothing else has changed in my life, the only recent event that has occured was that I got into the visual language program. And of course after finding that out, i was in this strange state for 4 days saying to myself, "I don't belong in it. I don't deserve it. There are plenty of better artists than me. I suck. They don't want me. I'll ge thrown out. They'll realize it was a big mistake. I just slipped through the cracks. I was never meant to do this." Then i remember the pressure of possibly being the first one in my family to go through a 4 year university, and then my mind starts spinning again about letting everyone on both sides of the family down, and how I wish I didn't have this pressure.

I wish sometimes I could just be the slacker. I want to be the kid that isn't expected to do good. I want to be the black sheep. I want to be the one that they don't expect anything special from. Guess what family, i'm not special. I just want to be left alone. I just want to be myself. I dont want to make a huge fuss over things. Leave me alone. Let me just be myself.

So i think my rant is over now.
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I passed on the baton, lets see you do the same.

Consider the baton passed, aboyandhisrobot. ^_^ Originally from ravnclawprefect

01). Total volume of music files on my computer? Well about 100+ or so. I actually buy music on iTunes so you can imagine the cost. I try not to steal music but ocassionally get anime and game music online.

02). The last CD I bought was? Seether- "Disclaimer II" This is not a clean version, at first i thought it was though.

03). Song playing right now: Green Day - "Boulavard of Broken Dreams" Wondering when i will get tired of this song.

04). Five songs I listen to a lot or that mean a lot to me (in no particular order):

1. 3 Doors Down - "Let Me Go" one of my favorite bands, heck i have alot of favs, but this song always reminds me of a manga that i'm reading and I can't wait for the anime footage so i can make it into an AMV.

2. Maria Carey and Whitney Houston - "When you Believe" I don't know why but I always love this song. It came out so long ago now and was the ending song for the movie The Prince of Egypt. I think this song just sometimes keeps up my spirits.

3. Linkin Park - "Somewhere I Belong" Again personally can relate to this song, so i usually listen to it multiple times when I put in this CD.

4. Seether and Amy Lee - "Broken" It's just a beautiful song.

5. "Inner Universe" - I couldn't forget to put anime and techno in here, so of'course I put a song that is both. I forgot the singer so if anyone can tell me i'll edit it in.

05.) Which 5 people are you passing this baton to, why?
in no particular order:
1) cmer, b/c I know she likes some of the same music and i'm interested.
2) trickery, I know she loves music.
3) lechuckscurse, curious if he likes music or just game music, lol.
4) orianna_summers b/c out of all my friends i am most confused about what music you like.
5) stupidcat06 cause i'd like to hear from you.

why? because the meme told me to. Why only 5? Because the meme told me to pick only 5.

ETA After posting this I realized that technically Fullmetal Alchemist Original Soundtrack (OST) #1 was the last CD i bought.
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I should be happy.

Happy Birthday sakura kinomoto!

Today i should be happy. I found out that I got into the Visual Language program but i'm not. BTW Visual Langauge is animation. I need to get a new computer, mine is a little out-dated. That's bye-bye to about $3000. I need to buy a tablet, not a necessity but would be most helpful. I had decided to quit my job, so now I have to actually do that, although it won't be till end of July. Then I also came to terms with the fact that I wont be going to the main-campus any more and I kind of miss that. Then i realized that i wont be seeing many of my friends any more. Well at least I can keep in touch with people by lj and AIM.

You should all check out my April Fools joke on fma_hush.
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I hate you

I hate you all. All of you. Every last person on my flist. May you burn in hell for all eternity.

J/k Happy April Fools Day Everyone!

I know this was very evil, but i'm horrible at jokes. Update your journals to see what little joke lj is playing with us.
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New Manga

I've really been in a slump today. I've just felt kinda depressed all day and I don't know why. Could be b/c I skipped my first class to study for a quiz in my next that got cancelled. Could be because I felt like I was being ignored by someone today. Could be because I still don't know if I got into the Visual Language program or not. Could be because i'm just overall confused with life and love in general.

To fix my slump I did what any good little geek would do, I spent money at the bookstore. I bought 4 manga, who knows why? I bought the last volume of Planet Ladder which was really thick. I read that already so that i'd be finished with it. Not too happy about the ending, but I thought that book wasn't really my style anyway, too boring for me. I bought another manga called The Flower of Deep Sleep which I have not got to yet. It's about a girl who can see the future before it happens and trys to fix it. I bought also 2 Amerimanga, american manga. I just wanted a taste of the american version. I got Peach Fuzz which was made by a local girl and is the cousin of a girl in one of my classes, so i thought that was cool. Even if it's good I don't plan to read anymore of her series. I also got Amazing Agent Luna which i think is very well done for an amerimanga. It was written by ppl who have worked on Kim Possible as well as the new X-Men series for Marvel comics. I might make a post about this manga sometimes cause it's kinda cute.

Well reading the manga has taken myself out of my slump for now. When does Star Wars Episode III come out?!

ETA: I just found out that I got into the Visual Language Program. One half of slump is over.
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