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My day, better.

I had to go back to work again today. People were still (Mad Eye) moody, but it was better. I'm making something for orcapotter right now. I hope she likes it. It's a present to relieve all her stress. Well it won't actually help relieve stress, but it's a nice gesture.

I don't care what you say, go out and vote tomorrow. Whether you vote for "John Kerry" or "George W. Bush" doesn't matter, well actually vote for the right choice, just go out and vote b/c it is your constitutional right as an American. Go vote tomorrow, I am!

"Just like an onigiri in a fruits basket" is a saying that I came up with from an anime. It is from the anime "Fruits Basket". The saying "Onigiri in a fruits basket" is kinda like a metaphor. Onigiri is japanese for "rice ball" and it is obvious that a rice ball is not a fruit. Thus, it doesn't belong in a fruit basket. A onigiri would then be an "odd ball" in a fruit basket. So, if we refer to people an onigiri would be an "oddball". So basically I am calling myself an "oddball", someone who is different. Which I definitely not normal. He, he.

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