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Too close to call.

Let's just end this already. Ugh, I'm so sick of politics right now. One good thing though, no political commercials :D. I stayed up really late, holding on to my last thread of hope, but finally I decided I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore and went to sleep, only till 8 am.

I had problems with LJ last night. So I retyped my day yesterday.

I got to the church to vote around 8:20 am. I waited almost 2 hours in line. Even if I was one of those people that had to wait in line for 9 hours, I still don't regret it. I actually met some new neighbors in the line. I just made it to my Music Technology class by one minute.

Off the political subject: My friend and I had 30 minutes to kill before our next class. We went to the computer lab, but it was really busy. So when we went to walk back to the SU we were stopped by a UCF guy who asked us if we wanted to be models and sit on the new UCF bus and let them take our picture. My friend was all "Do we get paid?!". We did, at the end they gave us 5 dollars. It was the easiest 5 dollars I ever made just sitting on a bus.
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