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It's a beautiful life... apparently.

I've actually been wondering for a long time who sings this song on the Toyota commerical. I thought it sounded like Alanis Morissette, but I was wrong. So I just happened to stumble on to the Toyota website and they have a place for you to hear the song.

I went to Michael's today. Too bad orcapotter wasn't working when I was there. I could have asked her stupid questions like "Do you have any red lamp oil?". Anyway I really wanted to make this bracelet for some reason. So I got the stuff for it. I made it and it looks really cool. It has a fake white pearl followed by a fake black pearl and so on and so on. I call it the "Kyo Braclet" (high five to anyone who understands why I have named it this) even though this was not why I made it. I just really like pearls, but I hardly ever wear them. Since they are cheap and fake it's all good.

Me and my mom are probably going to see The Incredibles tomorrow. I made a deal with her that if she went to see The Incredibles with me I would go and see the movie National Treasure with her. The movie National Treasure is from the same guy who did Pirates of the Carribean and looks pretty interesting. Mom wont go see The Polar Express with me, so i'll have to find someone to go with for that one.

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