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My Religion, my rant.

Alright after reading a post by cmer I made a post that finally made me tell something I have wanted to say for a long time, "I am NOT a christian!". This was not a decision I made on my own. I didn't wake up one morning or get really fed up with church and just decide to not be a christian. I have never been one, since the moment I came into this world I have never been pushed into the christian religion by my parents.

I have only attended some church with friends and my grandmother. This does not mean that I do not respect the christian religion, it's just that I don't really understand it. And I have tried to understand it. But it is really hard to hear about "god" and "jesus" and just don't care b/c you see no practical reason for it all. This is hard for some of you to comprehend. Many of you have been brought up on this all of your lives and it's all you know. Maybe some of you have been raised as christians and have decided to leave the faith. But I have never had a faith. All I know is that there are all these religions out there. But I do not belong to any. I have been raised with "no" religion.

My parents don't even know what it is like to have this "void" in your head. They were both raised on a religion, my mom was protestant and my dad was catholic. It was their decision to leave their faiths. My mom still believes in heaven and god but not church. My dad is pretty skeptical. I have never had a chance to choose. You have no idea what it is like to try to be a christian after never being one. It's strange. I don't understand it and I don't get it.

To me "The Bible" is just this book. It's interesting to me, I really enjoy reading some of it, but I can't live my life by it. I just don't see how people can. This was the way I was raised. I have "No Religion". This post even makes me want to cry (in fact when I reread it, I did). I feel like somewhat of an empty shell. There are 3 things in this world that people should not discuss: Religion, Politics, and Economics. I can't even talk about Religion, because I have no beliefs, nothing to go by.

So as I end my discusion I just want you to all know that for me, not being a christian was not my choice. I would have rather had been raised on this belief system and then chosen to have left it then to have never had it at all. I live in an area where religion is very important in peoples lives and "I have no religion".

Lastly, I really repect the christian beliefs. I just can't make them my own, because they have never been.

(Also I didn't mean to upset anyone in my post, sorry I if I did. I hope as many of you are my friends reading this, that you don't think differently about me. I am still me. I will always be. My non religion will not rub off onto you. I don't mind if you talk about religion in front of me. I've been use to it my whole life.)
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