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Motherboard may I

I finally got in my car after being back at school. Dark clouds of lightning filled the air. My drive home was somewhat pleasant, if you can forget the traffic, the heavy downpours of rain, and the flooding of the roads. It was almost 7:00 pm when I got home and I was starving. When I pulled in, an aggravated father came out yelling and screaming that we got hit by lightning and that we lost a lot. Well in actuality all we lost was our computer router, some phones, and the secruity system. I on the other hand lost the expensive stuff. My motherboard on my laptop doesn't work and I have to have a Dell guy come out and fix it. My sound card is basically shot and my network connection doesn't work either. I also lost my brand new DVD/VHS combo. There's also a tape stuck inside. I'll buy a new one but it'll cost me like $89. Oh well. I'll be prepared for the next storm they want to throw at me. From now on, I unplug everything before I leave the house!

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