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A House All to Myself

Today was the first day I have had to myself in a while. Dad went back to work for his idiot of a boss. But it was good to have him out of the house because I'm so used to having the place to myself. So much so that I barely studied for my 3 exams tomorrow. I watched some eppis from my CKND DVD and I watched Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets at lunch time. I put in my Fruits Basket Volume 4 DVD but was just not interested today.

I made dinner tonight. I made my mom's meatloaf which I've never made before. It came out pretty good, not quite as good as hers, but it was my first time doing it.

I'm really craving some kind of dessert right now, but I don't know what I want. I also have nothing in my house. I've been staying away from dairy as best as I can, but I really want some ice cream right now. I had had one of those special edition White Chocolate Milkshakes at Steak n' Shake, and boy was it good. I'm so craving another one, and I work right next to a Steak n' Shake too ::Smites the Steak n' Shake::.

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