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Just another friday?

My day was pleasant I guess. I'm happy b/c I got Volume 6 of "Alice 19th" so that means I only have 1 more to go in that series. Currently I am reading 7, yes, count um, 7 manga series right now. 3 of which are almost over I am just waiting for the last book to come out. One of the series I'm reading is Fruits Basket and that is a pretty long series, the longest I have read to date. Right now it has 14 books and i'm sure when it ends it will be much longer. Some people love anime more than manga, I love manga more than anime. It stems from reading a lot of comic books when I was little. I hated reading and comics were about the only way I would read.

I had fun hanging out in the SU today. Everyone is so nice, I love all my friends. I'm giving out a "I'm sorry" to hermione_like I left b/c I thought she had to study or something. Plus I had to get home before my dad did today.

I have to tell my parents that I' planing to go to JACO (Japanese Animation Club of Orlando) for the first time this weekend. I hope they don't mind. I've never been and I'm curious. Just want to check it out. So i'll see some of you there!

"One hurricane, someone up there doesn't like us. Two hurricanes, someone up there definitely hates us. Three hurricanes, Apocalypse!" - Combined quote from the friends of anijgrl7 of UCF.

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