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Witching Wands

I was telling my mom all about a wand I found on the internet. I told her it was a pretty good wand and the creator had a small business and that some of her wands were only $13. Well my mom started yelling at me about how expensive that was and how stupid it was to buy that for that price. Then I told her about my friends who have paid $35 to $80+ on wands and my mom still went on and on. Any way she was unimpressed. This is the same reason why I am not going to "Witching Hour". My mom practically had a fit when I tried to tell her about it. I guess she has no problem if the activity I'm doing is in the state or somewhat inexpensive. Which I understand, and makes sense. But c'mon. I don't see the problem with the $13 dollar wand. I almost bought a plastic one at Target for $6. So now I'm going to try and make one out of a woden dowel. It won't be as cool as everyone else's, but I'll finally have a wooden wand.
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