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Too Many Acronyms

Since X-mas and my birthday are coming up soon, I decided to give a short list of my interests.

Anime (esp. FB and CCS)
Borders (Gift Cards that is)

I was watching a CD that Kim loaned to me chock full of AMVs. I've never played Kingdom Hearts but I really liked that AMV. Anyway some of you will find out more about the AMVs soon. I've found a few to add on to this list of AMVs.

One more week of school, will I survive? I'm already planning what I will do with my time when I have a break. I'm going to sew some clothes and also try my hand at some woodworking, maybe. Plus, I'll be playing KH:CoM if I can find it.

I have to remember to watch FMA tonight. I missed it on Saturday. I luv that Cartoon Network repeats their new programs on another day in case people didn't catch it the first time. Sometimes it so easy to forget. Sometimes I forget to tape KND and they repeat it almost 3 times after the first showing. I have to maintain my website so I have to tape it and watch it a couple of times.

NEways I'll be studying for Exams and such, then when It's all over, watch out!

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