September 19th, 2004

[kh] coloredmanga Namine

What is that little bunny-looking thing?

You might be wondering what that little-bunny looking thing is on my avatar that I always use. I have referred to it once. It's name is Mokona. It is named for one of the authors of CLAMP, a group of 4 women writers who make many popular manga titles. I have a total of 5 CLAMP titles currently. I really like their style of drawing so I keep reading them. Mokona is actually from their manga "Magic Knight Rayearth" which I have never read. I got to know about Mokona when I read "Tsubasa" because this title combines many of the previous characters from their previous titles in an alternate dimension. I know, confusing! Well anyway I really like this little character.

Right now my x-mas list for anime/manga stuffed animals is Mokona, Menchi (from, Excel Saga, I think it's cute), and Ein (from, Cowboy Bebop). But if I had to only get one it would be... wait... I can't decide.

Well here is a little Hurricane Humor to get you away from all my squabbling.

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what flavor pocky are you?

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