October 1st, 2004

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The Search for "Fruits Basket".

Today I really didn't have much to do. I had all that hw last night, and I was so ready to get out of the house. I had to go mail a bill, eh bill. Fruits Basket Volume 5 was supposed to be coming out the 12th of this month. One time I actually found it two weeks early. So for the hell of it I went online to Barnes & Noble.com last night. It said that Volume 5 was already available to buy, not for pre-order. So I figured I might as well go to Borders in Oviedo and look for it, plus I have a 20% off coupon good till monday. Well I went and they didn't have it. I decided to meet my mom for lunch at her office. After lunch I went over to Bluestar. I figured I might find it there and if not I might rent an anime or something. I ended up with neither. Last, I went to school to meet up with Carmen so she could use my computer. Since I passed by the school Barnes & Noble I figured I might check there also, even though it would be a miracle if they had it. Guess what, miracles happen! There was one copy of "Fruits Basket" Volume 5. I had to almost push a guy out of the way. I can't believe of all places the little, almost no manga section, bookstore had it. What are the odds?

Now I know I told you all about the Akito thing but from now on, as to not ruin too much, I'm only divulging secrets that come from American releases. Collapse )

The main thing I learned from "Fruits Basket" Volume 5 is that "Fruits Basket" is "The #1 selling shoujo (female) manga in America!".
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