October 27th, 2004

[kh] coloredmanga Namine

Space the final frontier.

My night has been filled with awe. I went to school for Astronomy class and the Astronomy club sets out all these expensive telescopes at the observatory. Tonight was the big event, the lunar eclipse. People were comming out from everywhere astronomy students and non astronomy students. I got there at 7:30 pm and there were not a lot of people yet but I did run into Will and his girlfriend. We all talked and checked out the telescopes.

I saw some really cool things in the telescopes. Collapse )

And as a bonus some of the Astronomy club guys were pretty good to check out too. But they probably got their heads in the clouds (LOL, I made a joke, he he).

BTW: Listen to my music if you get a chance listen to it. I even can play it for you. I hope you can see why all this reminds me of this song when you hear it.
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