November 7th, 2004

[kh] coloredmanga Namine

My Day was... CrAZy!!

So I show up to work today and the place is packed, but where are all the cashiers?!!! The managers are there busting ass on the registers and I was supposed to be the last one to come in (wow the managers actually did something for a change, Lol). Well one girl called in sick and the other didn't even manage to show up. They called the one girl and she apparently forgot to set her alarm clock. Ok, I understand people sleeping through them and forgeting to set them but this girl has come in hung over, so I'm not sure that she just forgot. Anyway she got there eventually. The whole day was busy busy. You would have thought it was Christmas Eve at Toys-R-Us or something the way we were today. And customers were eritable, boy they were eritable. We even made it out late today, I am sooo tired.

Then I get home and apparently my parents were so fed up with my room, it's messy, that they took a whole bunch of stuff from the floor and put it on my bed. Thus, forcing me to have to put it all away if I want to go to sleep, evil. C'mon though my room wasn't that bad. I have seen some ::cough:: dorm rooms with papers all over the place and all kinds of trash, like empty pudding cups, eww. So now that I have finished I need to get to bed. I have the morning shift at work tomorrow. Tomorrow I return to all the madness.
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