December 14th, 2004

[kh] coloredmanga Namine

"It doesn't matter how small it is, it's how you use it."

You should read this, it made me ROTFLOL.

My Harry Potter Meta Adventure by mctabby
Favorite HP Character
So one day I wrote a rant aboutthe size of Snape's penis
and how this relates tothe Harry/Neville subtext in OotP
and I got this many comments:112
Then along camea_land_far_away
who said:"But what about the Thestrals?"
and blamed everything onorcapotter
andnow I'm feeling much better.
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I wasn't planning on posting anything today but it was really funny, well to me anyway.
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[kh] coloredmanga Namine

Aria by Kozue Amano

I have this need to collect all the books in a series even if I'm not that fond of them. I did this with Planet Ladder, but what I am about to discuss is not really one of those books. I started reading Aria with the intent that it would only be 3 Volumes. Well I ended up on the creators website today and found out that there is at least 5 so far and who knows there may be more coming out, I just bought the 3rd.

It's a cute series and the art is really nice. The books are a bunch of little short stories centering around a central theme. It was not what I first thought the story would be about but it is still interesting. The whole book series takes place in the future on Mars, now renamed Aqua. It has been renamed this because when human's tried to terraform (clicky here to learn about this) the planet it flooded the planet so now it's more water than land. Because the technology of Earth is to expensive to get up to Aqua people live on the planet mostly like what they do today, not a lot of sci-fi to it then. The story takes place in the town of Neo-Venezia (New Venice) and the only way to get around the city is by gondola. The books follow the live of Akari Mizunashi and her life in training to become an undine (gondolier).

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