December 20th, 2004

[kh] coloredmanga Namine


My website went over the 2000 mark and I missed it. I need to update it now because all the kids who come to it are out from school for break and are probabaly more bored than I.

I got "Mod's Choice" at ccs_awards for my Tomoyo icon. I had a feeling that the mod just kinda picked mine b/c she felt bad for me cause I voted for my own.

Last, I think i'm going to make an icon of a picture of myself, my beautiful self, so that I have one that is not all anime and cartoons.
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[kh] coloredmanga Namine

24 Hours

Work was uneventful as always, but busy since we are doing extra holiday hours.

OMG yeah! Can't wait till tomorrow! Don't know what I'm talking about? Go ahead and ask. But you will know tomorrow anyway.
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