January 20th, 2005

[kh] coloredmanga Namine

Since when does a battery cost $88?

So I was sitting in class with Carmen telling her about the problem I had with my laptop in a class last semester. The battery only lasted about 45 minutes. We figured out that I would give my laptop a test to see how long the battery would last. When I turned it on it was already at 93%. Then a little later it went to 89%. Within 10 minutes my laptop came up with a little note telling me that my laptop was at 8% and to shut it down. So I called my dad later and we ordered a new battery for the computer. Cost me 88 dollars.

I think I finally may have found a way around my problem with burning certain AMVs. So if I fix it i'll make orcapotter a new updated copy, k? But right now i'm trying to get on the computer, the more expensive one with the burner and sorts, so I can play around with the DVD software. Right now my dad has taken over the computer and is not about to get off anytime soon. In fact he'll probabaly fall asleep there.

Completly didn't do my hw tonight like I was going to. But i'll just have to do it tomorrow and the weekend instead. I was also going to play RCT3 on my computer tonight but also didn't get around to that. I watched Pointe Pleasant tonight. It was a very interesting show. But I can't seem to watch it for it's OC likeness. I don't watch OC and I used to watch shows like that all the time like Dawson's Creek and Roswell, but even though it sounds interesting I doubt I'll be watching it again.

ETA: My little experiment with the .avi files didn't work. So it's back to the drawing board again.
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