January 29th, 2005

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Becoming Otaku

"...trying to use alchemy to turn my homework into McDonalds." ~quote from thursday [adult swim].

Well I haven't had a lot to say recently. It's just been going. School is school what else can I say. So far this semester has been a lot harder. It kinda sucks. For me I usually do better in the fall and worse in the spring. I was thinking this morning that the worse semester I ever had was Spring of 2004. I blame it on myself. I went to Bluestar Anime across the street from UCF all the time and rented anime. Because of this my grades declined. I stoped going over there, now the place went out of business and I feel a little responsible.

As I thought about all the anime I rented there and look at my bookshelf of all my books (manga currently at at 74, I paused to reflect and ask these questions. Why am I thins fan of anime? How did I get to like it? I have even had friends that thought I was crazy to like the stuff years ago and now they are anime fans too. So I wrote it all down.

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So far i've been taken on a journey of strange animals, magical card decks, those fighting the wrongs of society, a guy turning into a cat, and a short ^-^ boy who has a power of turning things into metal, etc. I have been on this journey for 5 years thus far. Let's see where the next 5+ years take me.
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