February 8th, 2005

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I'm an Anime Ditz

Today, I couldn't tell you if it was good or bad, it was just interesting. This morning i ran late for class but made it with 5 minutes to spare. Then I brought my Nintendo DS to school b/c I thought today was going to be boring. A guy in my class had one and he showed me how to connect the two to chat. Many of the guys in my side of the room were asking me about the DS. It's funny when guys in my classes ask me about computers, gaming, and such cause there seems to be this mentality about talking to girls about that stuff, don't get it.

My second class I got an "A" on a paper and I completly bsed a little metaphor using DaVinci's work with oil paints to an artist working on a computer. I rock. It just came to me before, but I don't think i'll be doing that good in that class anymore. I'm just not that motivated, but trying to be.

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FMA Friends/Fans who have the boxed set: Ask me for the "Missing" Song from the OST and i'd be glad to send it to you ^_^
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