February 16th, 2005

[kh] coloredmanga Namine

Will I ever geat a break!!

OMG today has been horrible. I had so many problems that I wont even go into most of them. For one I had to practically do everyone's job in my group. One guy is having surgery and another persons grandma died. Two things I know we can't change but it put a big burden on me cause I had to do everything. I'm still not done and I had to take many breaks because the assignment was driving me crazy. I just realized that I have another assignment due. Screw it i'm tired. It's supposed to be done on the PC, well i'll just make it really neatly handwritten. oh wait I can't do that b/c he said he would just throw it away if it was. Damn it. I'm to tired I don't care. Maybe I can do it quickly tomorrow morning before school. Ahh will the weekend ever come. Oh wait I have mucho finals to study for on the weekend. Ok MegaCon is that soon? Well i'll have to cram all my stuff on that friday b/c I have to work Sunday and monday. When is spring break?

I broke down about 5 times and had major crying sessions when I realised that it was to much. I have three new pimples from the stress and it's pissing me off even more. Well I think I will finally be able to get some sleep. Some not much. This was worse than when i had art classes.
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