February 23rd, 2005

[kh] coloredmanga Namine

After the VL meeting

Since I was 4 all I wanted to be was an animator. No matter what I can't give up on that dream. It's all I know, it's what I will be. I will never give up that dream and will continue to travel that path.
~my thoughts as the VL meeting went on

Tonight I went to this meeting for only Visual Langauge students. It was really boring and they basically told us nothing. But next tuesday they are going to have an open house down at the new Digital Media building and anyone is welcome to attend. They're going to show off student work and all the facilites. I have to go so I can hopefully suck up to the proffs and get them to give me overrides. The only problem is that I won't have classes on campus anymore but at the new building. But I may have a class still on campus too.

I'm sure some people have done some of these too, so if you have i'd like to know.
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