February 27th, 2005

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The Ultimate Weekend *crash*

"Orlando must have the biggest concentration of geeks."
~guy in my Prob. Solving class

This weeked was crazy crazy. Of'course technically my weekend starts on Friday cause I have no school that day. I know your jealous right now.

Friday: Around 4:00 pm I set off to go to the bank. The Girl Scouts were there and practically smothered me until I bought some cookies. So of'course I bought a box of thin mints. Then I headed over to orcapotter's (kim) house. orianna_summers (Manda) was already there and they were watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding. We finished watching that and hermione_like (Dixie) came over and then watched the last hour or so of Matrix Revolutions. After a really great dinner of hot dogs and hamburgers we watched episodes of the first volume of Azumanga Daioh!. Then we decided to switch and watch the 2nd Inuyasha movie. We each either had a Smirnoff or a wine cooler as we watched. We thought we should make a drinking game everytime Inuyasha yelled out Kagome or everytime Kagome said Inuyasha but we didn't do that. We spent the night giggling about the movie and just being silly. We went to be around 12:30 am so we could wake up early to get to MegaCon.

Saturday: We all woke up around 6:15 am. It took us a little longer than we had planned but we got out of the house close to on time. Manda dressed up in a school-girl outfit, Kim wore a FMA shirt, and Dixie her Azkaban shirt. We picked up aboyandhisrobot (Ben) and set off. We listened to the FMA soundtrak in the car as we drove on the greenway towards the convention center.

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Sunday: Where to begin... Well I get to waork and I already knew we were going to be one less cashier today, but we were also short another employee. We also had a problem with the phone system b/c the power had gone out before I got there. We couldn't page over the intercom, put people on hold, transfer their calls, or really do anything. It was just crazy. I am so wiped out from it all right now. I had to practically run around the store and appoligize to people every couple of minutes. I just kept saying "Please, don't ever let me have a day like this again." Well I got home and looked at my icon lj. I had to update the results of my community. I looked at the fma_awards post and both myslef and orcapixels aka orcapotter made the top 3. And we were going against 23 icons. Yay, i'm so happy b/c it was just a simple idea that came to me and I didn't even think it was my best. I didn't even get around to voting with everything going on and all. You can see these icons here.

So now this weekend is coming to a close and as I hear the breeze of the wind outside I am reminded that the wind will eventually end and so has this weekend.
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