March 2nd, 2005

[kh] coloredmanga Namine

WTF an F!

Yes, thats right I have an F right now in my class. The class i'm killing myself for, and the class I knocked back a day at work for, is giving me an F right now. I do other peoples work in this class so that i don't fail and I have an F. If I withdrawal from this class I may not be able to get into my program for another year, but if I fail my GPA will go down. This sucks. I still have one grade forgiveness left so this class might be the one I use it on. The class average on the mid-term was a 65. WTF! and this teacher thinks that's good? Not a single person in this class got an A on the final. A guy in one of my classes says that the teacher didn't give out grades in his class until the end and mostly everyone failed. Oh, so many dilemmas, i'm so pissed. I am not one who fails tests, especially mid-terms. I work my ass off in this class and it gets me no where. I'm so tired of school, i just want to quit. I hate this class! I hate this teacher! He can go to hell, and I never say that ever. AHHHH! I wanna cry and at the same time I want to kick some ass.
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