March 15th, 2005

[kh] coloredmanga Namine

Today was all about $$$

Today I had to stay home most of the day so that I could get a package. My friend Brooke and I figured that if I had to stay in maybe we could watch a movie. So right before we left the package arrived but we continued on with our plans. We went to Wal-Mart and bought The Incredibles becuase the price was most incredible there. Then we picked up food and went back to the house. After we ate my co-worker brought over the PS2 and we figured out how to hook it up. Then me and Brooke played the Kingdom Hearts game I had bought, but since I had not bought a memory card we had no way to save it. After that we watched the movie and she left. Later on in the evening I went out with my mom to do a little clothes shopping and I bought my memory card.

Problem w/ Kingdom Hearts: I think I have to go out and get the book already, either that or my game is flawed. I already got the two mushrooms Kairi asked for but she's saying I only have 1. It may be because I accidentaly picked it up during another test. So now it's not there and i'm screwed. Ok, so this is a little upsetting because I don't want to start over in order to fix it but if I have to I guess I will.

Now i'm finally going to do what i've been saying I was going to do for weeks. Sit down and watch some movies.
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