March 24th, 2005

[kh] coloredmanga Namine

What was that?

"I think Batou's first name from Ghost in the Shell should be Ro. Then his full name would be Mr. Ro Batou."
~from [adult swim]

Yeah I was thinking earlier today, "I need to put that in my livejournal." But now I don't remember what that was.

Anyway I went out to the mall after school to get my dad presents for his birthday and prezies for me ^_^. I got him the 25th Anniversary of Pink Floyd's The Wall. I know he'll like that. I got myself some smelly stuff from B&BWorks and I finally got a game for my Nintendo DS. It's Pokemon Dash. Let you all know about it when I play it. I put games on hiatus right now, well at least anything that's not portable, so I can focus on school. I want to turn on the PS2, but I know it'll be hours gone by if I do that.

I made a banner at first for orcapotter but anyone is welcome to take it. Just upload it to your own server.
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    "The Wall" - Pink Floyd