April 6th, 2005

[kh] coloredmanga Namine

I passed on the baton, lets see you do the same.

Consider the baton passed, aboyandhisrobot. ^_^ Originally from ravnclawprefect

01). Total volume of music files on my computer? Well about 100+ or so. I actually buy music on iTunes so you can imagine the cost. I try not to steal music but ocassionally get anime and game music online.

02). The last CD I bought was? Seether- "Disclaimer II" This is not a clean version, at first i thought it was though.

03). Song playing right now: Green Day - "Boulavard of Broken Dreams" Wondering when i will get tired of this song.

04). Five songs I listen to a lot or that mean a lot to me (in no particular order):

1. 3 Doors Down - "Let Me Go" one of my favorite bands, heck i have alot of favs, but this song always reminds me of a manga that i'm reading and I can't wait for the anime footage so i can make it into an AMV.

2. Maria Carey and Whitney Houston - "When you Believe" I don't know why but I always love this song. It came out so long ago now and was the ending song for the movie The Prince of Egypt. I think this song just sometimes keeps up my spirits.

3. Linkin Park - "Somewhere I Belong" Again personally can relate to this song, so i usually listen to it multiple times when I put in this CD.

4. Seether and Amy Lee - "Broken" It's just a beautiful song.

5. "Inner Universe" - I couldn't forget to put anime and techno in here, so of'course I put a song that is both. I forgot the singer so if anyone can tell me i'll edit it in.

05.) Which 5 people are you passing this baton to, why?
in no particular order:
1) cmer, b/c I know she likes some of the same music and i'm interested.
2) trickery, I know she loves music.
3) lechuckscurse, curious if he likes music or just game music, lol.
4) orianna_summers b/c out of all my friends i am most confused about what music you like.
5) stupidcat06 cause i'd like to hear from you.

why? because the meme told me to. Why only 5? Because the meme told me to pick only 5.

ETA After posting this I realized that technically Fullmetal Alchemist Original Soundtrack (OST) #1 was the last CD i bought.
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[kh] coloredmanga Namine

Somedays I just want to rant

I know i've been MIA for awhile. School is nearing the end and let me put it bluntly, it's hell. I need to sign up for my classes today, but I need overrides for all of them, so i'm waiting on an e-mail that i probably wont get any time soon.

I watched the first Inuyasha movie last night and i've only seen the first hour of it. I need to finish it up tonight because I promised to return it tomorrow.

My to do list:
1. Write FMA paper for HoAF (due 4/19)
2. Come up with and make project for Creative class (due 4/19)
3. Come up with and create project for Media design class (due 4/21)
4. Attempt to make something other than cofee for Production group
5. Do taxes (due 4/15) <-- done as of 4/9
6. Write a list of 25 possibilities for Creative class (due 4/7) <-- done right after posting
7. Make a resume (asap) <-- done right after posting

BTW its still me, just plain me. Nothing else has changed in my life, the only recent event that has occured was that I got into the visual language program. And of course after finding that out, i was in this strange state for 4 days saying to myself, "I don't belong in it. I don't deserve it. There are plenty of better artists than me. I suck. They don't want me. I'll ge thrown out. They'll realize it was a big mistake. I just slipped through the cracks. I was never meant to do this." Then i remember the pressure of possibly being the first one in my family to go through a 4 year university, and then my mind starts spinning again about letting everyone on both sides of the family down, and how I wish I didn't have this pressure.

I wish sometimes I could just be the slacker. I want to be the kid that isn't expected to do good. I want to be the black sheep. I want to be the one that they don't expect anything special from. Guess what family, i'm not special. I just want to be left alone. I just want to be myself. I dont want to make a huge fuss over things. Leave me alone. Let me just be myself.

So i think my rant is over now.
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