April 9th, 2005

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Making websites instead of homework

From Friday (I forgot to post this): I sat around and did almost nothing that I should have today. I'm thinking of doing most of it tomorrow. Heck, I don't get a lot fo time to myself around here, so I had to take advantage.

I need/want to get a new laptop b/c mine can't really handle much and i'm running out of GBs. So I found a new laptop with 80GB, mine has 30GB, I think that should be enough right? It's gonna cost me about $1,500. Not to bad but still.

I told my dad I wanted to get a tablet to draw with. I told him that the cheapest one was $89 and I was going to get that one. He told me to get the more expensive one which is like double that, but i told him I don't have the money to spend on that. Dad called me later today and said he would buy it for me. Mom is mad because she says "she" is technically paying for it. I would have been cool with myself buying the cheap one, but when parents offer to buy something, which is hardly ever, you don't turn them down.

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Today: Started to teach myself CSS (Cascading style sheets). It's a type of programming language that lets you control what you site looks like. Those of you who have tryed to really customize your lj can understand. A CSS allows each page to look the same and you can add effects like scrollbar colors and such. Plus, I fianally moved my site over to freewebs.com which is so much better than geocities. CSS is great for people who know nothing about webpages. If a person makes them a layout in CSS all they have to do is edit the text. You don't have to know much coding because all the coding is seperate.

So anyway here is the link it be cool if you check it out and tell me what you think. Only certain links are working right now though.
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