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Anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor

Today I had my exam in Music Technology. The class was long b/c we had to do presentations before we took the exam, and in the process of the presentations I think I forgot some of the test material, oh well. Afterwards I waited in the SU for awhile and had lunch, no one came and I didn't see the reason to stay so I left. I ran over to EB Games across the street to get the low-down on KH:CoM. They said they wouldn't be getting it in until the evening and wouldn't be selling it until tomorrow. They asked if I wanted to put $5 down for it, but I polietly declined (it is too far to drive to go get it). I got in my car and called Kim about it, hopefully she didn't go on a wild goose chase to go get it. I decided to go over to the GameStop in the Publix plaza by me. There I did put down the $5 for the game and i'll be picking it up sometime tomorrow. I talked with one of the employees who was also a Digital Media student at UCF, but is a second year senior, which I know i'll be also way before I finish. So tomorrow I return to pick up KH:CoM. I hope Kim was successful in finding hers or finding a place to get it.

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