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Today I had my exam in Music Technology. The class was long b/c we had to do presentations before we took the exam, and in the process of the presentations I think I forgot some of the test material, oh well. Afterwards I waited in the SU for awhile and had lunch, no one came and I didn't see the reason to stay so I left. I ran over to EB Games across the street to get the low-down on KH:CoM. They said they wouldn't be getting it in until the evening and wouldn't be selling it until tomorrow. They asked if I wanted to put $5 down for it, but I polietly declined (it is too far to drive to go get it). I got in my car and called Kim about it, hopefully she didn't go on a wild goose chase to go get it. I decided to go over to the GameStop in the Publix plaza by me. There I did put down the $5 for the game and i'll be picking it up sometime tomorrow. I talked with one of the employees who was also a Digital Media student at UCF, but is a second year senior, which I know i'll be also way before I finish. So tomorrow I return to pick up KH:CoM. I hope Kim was successful in finding hers or finding a place to get it.


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Dec. 8th, 2004 06:31 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the call ^^ We had already been to a couple places, though... all the same, we at least had some interesting experiences nonetheless. I ended up preordering it at EBGames in Oviedo, so at least I'm guarenteed a copy.

Did you get that Email from the DM deparment about laptops? I'll probably go before my Spanish final on Friday to drop off the statement... but I'm seriously considering changing my GD degree from DM to fine arts. I'm getting tired of getting no answers from DM and this blind hope that I'm taking the right classes and whatnot.
Dec. 8th, 2004 06:42 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I'm dropping it off on Friday as well. I feel bad for people like Carmen that can't afford one. The reason you don't hear anything about DM: Graphic Design is b/c it no longer exists. I told you before that it was rumored but with all the craziness I guess we forgot.

Go here it no longer lists it.
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