Ani aka random hogwarts student #7 (anijgrl7) wrote,
Ani aka random hogwarts student #7

Amazon error

I got this from and thought it was kind of a funny e-mail.

"We're writing to correct a recent e-mail notification that we sent
about "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Book 6)."

In our e-mail, we stated that this title would not be immediately
available from our suppliers, and that you may want to search for it
elsewhere. While it's true that "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood
Prince" is not yet ready for eager readers, we do plan to notify you
by e-mail when this book is available for pre-order on our web site.

We assure you that howlers have been sent to the muggles responsible
for this action and we are investigating the possibility that
You-Know-Who may have been involved.

We apologize for the incorrect notification that you received. Thank
you for shopping at


Customer Service"
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