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Not a series of unfortunate events

I first wanted to say that my previous post that I titled "My Grades Suck" didn't mean that I thought they sucked at all. It was just that it sucked that I would have to possibly retake a class. This was actually one of the best semesters I had as far as grades were concerned ay UCF.I usually get B's and C's, no A's. I really pulled some of them up, many of them were much lower. One thing I learned this year was to take the final even if the teacher is dropping one exam because you never know. My Astronomy grade went from a C+ to a B+.

Tonight I went to see Lemony Snicket's: A Series of Unfortunate Events with cmer. I don't know really what she thought of the movie but our perspectives were completly different, as she has read all the books and I have only read the first. Although the story sort of goes in a different order than the books it ends up going back together again. Personally I found the movie excellent. A little confusing in the beginning since I had not read more than one, you will see why I say this if you see the movie, but I highly recomend this movie to all. Although it really is a series of unfortunate events it can actually be very funny at times and the movie is both sad and heart-warming (I can't believe I said that). It makes you appreciate what you have, not material things, but everything else.

We also saw The Polar Express which followed the book pretty well. It was a slow story but it made up for that in the wonderful special effects. The only problem I had with the movie was this one kid in the movie was voiced by the same person who does Mandark on "Dexter's Labratory" and the voice bothered me.

Now tomorrow i've got 2,000 and 1 things to do before orcapotter's Christmas party. I can't wait and I hope that this will be some relaxing time for her tomorrow, I hope.

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