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Merry Clone-mas

Completly off the whole Holiday track but... I just saw this thing on the news about this woman who cloned her cat. I don't know about anyone else who has pets but I just think that's just wrong. I mean I love Magic, so that's exactly why I wouldn't do it. I'd want to keep his memory perserved in my mind. Nothing could replace him, even a look alike of himself. Even if you told me he would be exaclty the same I couldn't do it. I feel like it's messing with the whole order of things. It's messing with nature. It's messing with everything.

I used to think that cloning could be a good thing. You could create a life to help save one. But how is this good? You are creating life only to destroy it. And what about these people who have children in order to save their other child. What do you tell that child? That you only had them so that little Johnny could live. As that child wouldn't you feel unloved? I mean sure you helped out your sibling but it was for greed. The greed of loosing someone, messing with the natural order of things. Life and Death.

They are similar aren't they? And so many religions belive in an after-life and/or a soul. So what happens to the soul when one is cloned? Will science, nature, and religion be able to keep up with all these questions? Why do I care so much? Will we have to include in our wills in the future "Don't clone under any circumstances"? So just in case you don't have enough to think about right now ponder this. Ponder what you think is right and what you think is wrong. As I look out my window right now I see a sky flooded with red light. Is it light from a house of Christmas lights? Or is it a warning from above?

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