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MIA for a few days.

I've kinda been MIA for the past couple of days. I've been really busy cause I worked Christmas Eve, the day after, and yesterday. I was so exhausted that I didn't even get a chance to get online. Both the day after Christmas and yesterday a girl that I worked with didn't show up. We worked the same exact shift both days. The day after Christmas I had to work from 11:00 am till 8:15 pm, and boy that was a bitch without her. She called in and says she was in the hospital, but I wonder with this girl what she was in the hospital for. It's actually a little suspicious.

I guess i'll go in a backtrack. Today I went to, sorry Kim, Michaels and got some stuff. They were so busy and although I had to wait it line quite a while, I laughed on the inside because they would have been better off had they not fired Kim. Oh well, they know how much of an asset she was now. I blew a gift card that my grandma gave me for my birthday and bought the book Wicked that I wanted to get. At lunch time I met my mom at her work so we could bring back some sandals she bought me for christmas. They were black and I have so many black shoes. I got a pair of brown ones and they were $12 cheaper. These are the brand name Reef sandals. They were expensive but it's like walking on air. Oh and I got a new phone. My dad got me a late chrsitmas present. It's a camera phone, flip phone. It also has an external color Id. It's so cool. My old phone was like really cheap and people I talked to told me that they couldn't hear me, and it would sometimes cut me off. My mom told me to guard the new one with my life cause it was expensive.

My Christams and christmas eve totally rocked this year. I didn't have the problems I had last year. Last year on christmas eve: I had to go pick my father up from a bar cause he was drunk and my mom stayed at home and prepared dinner. Then the whole night I was scared to get yelled at cause he gets really mad when he's drunk.

This year my dad didn't go out to a bar or drink much at all. He wasn't as bad as he has been ever christmas before that (my parents always fight every christmas). And my dad really liked what I got him this year, it made me so happy. What I got:

- manga; Fruits Basket Vol. 6 and Alice 19th Vol. 7
- jacket and jeans
- DVDs; Harry Potter PoA, Mulan, and Shrek 2
- CD
- sandals

Then I finished opening all my present and my parents are all like "I think we forgot one. Go get it, it's in the closet." Now mind you I was perfectly ecstatic with all the presents I had so far, then when I went to the closet and found a huge wrapped present. I pulled it out to the living room and it was a new DVD/VCR combo unit. See I had bought one this year and it got electrocuted. I had spent so much money on it that I didn't want to spend the money on another one. I was so happy to see that they bought me one for christmas.

So anyway that's how my past couple of days have been. I hope you all had a merry christmas too.

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