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Whistle while you work...

I just finished watching the "West Wing" and decided to skip watching "Law & Order" tonight. So this is what I did today. I um attempted to clean my room. Actually most of my room is currently on my bed so if I want to go to sleep then i'll have to move it to the floor or put it all away, like I should. I also changed my layout, did I mention this before? :-) I had a Inuyasha picture up for the New Year but switched it to this FMA one instead. He's just so hot in this picture, I couldn't resist (i never thought I would think an anime guy was hot, am I pathetic to think this?). I am also debating whether or not to buy the FullMetal Alchemist DVD b/c it goes off sale on AnimeNation.com on saturday. Oh decisions decisions. I completly changed my bookshelf. I liked it so much before but I have no more room, so I took before and after pictures. Yes, again another sad thing I did today. But I used up my camera so I can finally get it devloped, it has Halloween pictures on it, yes also sad. Oh and I totaled my manga today. I now have 71 books this includes 5 which are actually in Japanese. This approx calculates to $760 dollars, but I have not bought them all and this is over a span of about 5 yrs. So figure I spend about $150 per year, on average, on manga, yes sad that I spend that much. But i've actually gotten many deals, so it's more like $100 or less per year.

I forgot to tell you all that yesterday I saw "Spanglish". It was pretty good in the beginning but then it started to slow. Anyone who knows me really well knows that I'm a harsh critic on movies so I give this a 5/10. In all honesty save it for the DVD player. It's a good movie to see but not one you should rush out to see. The comercials make you think that the movie is all about Teá Leoni and Adam Sandler but it isn't. Not that this is a problem, it's just a heads up.


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Jan. 5th, 2005 09:52 pm (UTC)
I am glad you told me because I really wanted to see "Spanglish" but if it's better to wait and rent it then that's what I'll do.
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