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Today was my first day back. Yay! (grumps)

First and foremost I wanna resay Happy Birthday to orianna_summers. I hope all your birthday wishes and dreams come true.

So i guess i'm going to talk about my classes and day.

Creative Digital Problem Solving: Really cool class. The teacher stands on top of the desk and says that basically some of the class periods will be like a game show. We also already have a project due on thirsday. He did an example of our project to music and kinda did this little model walk to it. It was hilarious. I think i'll have fun it that class. capri321 and zachwood are in my class, yay! The class has about 40-50 people in it.

Production 1: The teacher was sort of loud, she scared me. We are going to be reworking websites in this class and making them better. We will have to do a lot of group work in it. The bookstore doesn't have the book for this class so I had to order it online. And Carmen is in my class, yay! About 30-40 people in class.

Carmen and I hung out until she had to work and me going to my class b/c the teacher let us out early. My only class that did all day.

History of Animated Films 2: I already know this prof. so I already know how boring this class will be. I showed up to the room and the room looks like a tiny movie theatre, really cool. I even found popcorn in the seat. Anyway, a guy from my HAF1 was in there even though he said he wouldn't be. The class is interesting when the teacher doesn't talk, so of'course he talked for the whole class perios and kept us 15 minutes late. There are only 15 or less people in this class.

So then after class I met up with orcapotter and orianna_summers. Then after leaving orcapotter, her dad picked her up, we went to the computer lab to see if orianna_summers could get into some classes she needed.

Internet Software Design: I'm a little concerned about this class b/c I don't know much programming. The teacher sounds a little broing, he is an Engineering prof. The class sounds cool, I just hope I can keep up. This class has 60 students, only 4 are girls, including myself.

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