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School Today

So yeah, today kinda cold. This morning I was running late and on top of that I had a presentation and I was going to pick up Carmen and bring her to school. Then we were walking to my classroom and I left my cell in the car. I had to buzz my mom but I'm also such a stickler and didn't want to be late for class, so I was lost. I asked Carmen if she would go back and get it for me, and she did.

So yeah my presentation, didn't go as planned. It didn't work and i'm a little pissed b/c it worked before and worked afterwards. The rest of my day was interesting. Too premature for me to discuss at this time though. Then I go to lunch and of'course I had to eat by myself which is really boring. My friend Brooke might eat lunch with me sometime when she gets back from her trip. Yes, school just started and her boyfriend took her on a cruise. So she's missing school and the weather to be with her boyfriend on a boat.

Now let me tell you about my last class. This was what i typed for on my laptop during my last class:
This teacher doesn’t answer questions. He doesn’t understand when people ask questions. He goes off in a completely other direction. Does he not understand what people are asking of him? He goes off completely in a longer answer then what is needed. It’s all very annoying. But I have to take this class. It’s interesting and all, I can see why we should learn it, but this guy, teaching it, no. And I have a headache. He’s asking too much for the homework on Thursday. Then on top of this all, I have homework for Production also. Both classes are not posting the notes till tonight or tomorrow. Since I have to work, I’d rather have it done tonight. I guess I can wait on this class till Thursday and do the production assignment first.

So yeah, neither class has posted what is needed to do the assignments yet. So I wait.

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