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Lunch: $3.51, Books: $92.92, Having someone to listen to you ramble: Priceless.

I've been having a strange day. First i'll have something pretty good happen and then something really awful will happen. Then other times i'll have another really awful thing happen and suddely out of nowhere something good will show up. Yesterday I had a really bad day. I didn't get home until almost an hour after my shift was over because the other cashier just walked out. She told the manager she was sick and wanted to go home. We were having a visit today and the manager said he really needed her to stay. Well she got mad and walked out. Personally, I don't think she was sick. So of'course I had to do all of her job on top of mine. Then I had to get home and type something up for my class. I typed the whole thing up but was having problems with the computer. My dad suggested restarting it. So after I did that the thing wouldn't start. So I started freaking out that the computer was broken. My dad was yelling at me telling me it was my fault and to shutup. Anyway he fixed it and I calmed down. Gosh, I hate mondays.

So anyway my day was one after another today. Something good, then something bad. Hope it gets better tomorrow.

So I was in my first class today and I was talking to someone in my group project, we had to walk outside in the bitter cold around the school for a treasure hunt. One of the guys in my group said something about he wanted to see the Inuyasha movie but he wanted to rent it. I brought up to him that the place I rented from Bluestar closed. Damnit I can't remember who I was talking too!

Then in my History of Animated Films class I was talking with my friend AJ about what American cartoon he was going to write about for his paper. Then I was saying how I would have a harder time choosing which anime on my shelf to write about when we did our world paper. He mentioned to me that he was thinking about getting the FMA DVD. I stopped for a brief second and was all like "Cool he likes FMA too." So we looked through the website in this post with all the funny pictures. It was an interesting class. To bad AJ won't be able to go to MegaCon b/c he says his parents are visiting that weekend.

Then fianlly I went to Borders after school to go pick up a book on CSS for my Production class. So of'course I had to stroll over to the manga section. I picked up the new volume of Tsubasa and xxxHolic. I'm almost done with Tsubasa already (Sakura is my all time favorite female character, Tohru close behind). And despite it's name xxxHolic is in no way pornographic. It's really gothic. I love the clothes in it. CLAMP's artwork is the best.

All things bad that happened today, excluded from post.

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