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Becoming Otaku

"...trying to use alchemy to turn my homework into McDonalds." ~quote from thursday [adult swim].

Well I haven't had a lot to say recently. It's just been going. School is school what else can I say. So far this semester has been a lot harder. It kinda sucks. For me I usually do better in the fall and worse in the spring. I was thinking this morning that the worse semester I ever had was Spring of 2004. I blame it on myself. I went to Bluestar Anime across the street from UCF all the time and rented anime. Because of this my grades declined. I stoped going over there, now the place went out of business and I feel a little responsible.

As I thought about all the anime I rented there and look at my bookshelf of all my books (manga currently at at 74, I paused to reflect and ask these questions. Why am I thins fan of anime? How did I get to like it? I have even had friends that thought I was crazy to like the stuff years ago and now they are anime fans too. So I wrote it all down.

I remebered in school all the fans of Sailor Moon and thought to myself that it was crazy. My mother had always told me that she hated the way Japanese cartoons were drawn. She was mostly talking about Speed Racer and anime like that. If I want to really credit someone with the reason for me liking anime, then I should credit my Aunt Debbie. Her first act was able to set a moting of events foward. When I was little she bought me a Nintendo and a particular RPG game called Dragon Warrior. This is where my story begins.

When I was in my Freshman year of High School I saw this guy in my class playing the new hit game boy game, Pokemon. I looked it over and saw that it was quite similar to the way you play Dragon Warrior. I didn't know that this was called a RPG style at the time but I went out and got the game. It was a lot of fun and then I wondered if the cartoon followed the game. So I started to watch Pokemon. Pokemon was my real first taste of anime. It was the first show that I was able to finally get used to the styles of anime.

My real jump start of anime and still my all time favorite was a show badly dubbed with english called Cardcaptors. At first I was only interested but didn't watch it. I kept watching the commercials for it and noticing the characters. For some reason I thought that the main character's hair was really cool. So I started to google for pictures from that show. The more sites I went on the more I learned about the show, and the more I became interested. I thought at first that it was a show based on a crad game or something. But I found out it was a sort of fantasy with a small bit of romance. The romance of the series dragged me further in and Cardcaptor Sakura became my first anime.

Everyday from 2000 till the end of summer after graduation, I would watch Cardcaptors. I searched around the websites and soon discoveres that the show originally came from this thing called manga, japanese comic books. So a few months after the first CCS came out into manga in the US I got it (I think it was Agust of 2000). I talked about the book and series with friends. One day when I was telling cmer about how wild the CCS manga was in class, a guy in my class told me that I should read something that wasn't an anime also. This was all new to me and I didn't know that there was any manga that wasn't an anime too. So from that moment on I started to read more manga.

At first it took about 4 to 6 months for a new volume to come out. So I figured reading 2 volumes at a time would satisfy me. Manga started to put adds in the back of them and after seeing an ad in the back of my manga Saint Tail for a manga called Marmalade Boy I started to read 3 mangas at a time. As time went on it grew to more at a time and the companys now put manga out in 2 to 4 months.

For awhile I just read manga. Wasn't really interested in any new anime and it was so expensive. I looked around the net for the CCS anime and saw some other really strange series, so other animes didn't really interest me. I credit orcapotter, even though she doesn't realise it, for getting me back into anime itself. I kept hearing a friend of hers tell her that an anime called Fruits Basket was coming out on DVD. It sounded like one of those strange sounding animes so I didn't pay much attention. Then one day I was researching manga on the website of my favorite company and found out they were releasing the Fruits Basket manga. I read about it and it sounded very interesting. After reading the first manga volume I was hooked. I watched and bought all the anime and I again went back to watching anime.

This is the story of me and my path of discovery of anime. It's an important story for me. Many people never think that they could be such a fan of this. But over time it kinda grows on you.

Anyone can become of fan of anime, a lot of people are just scared to try. Once you get over the style of anime you can see why it is such a delight to watch. Most people see anime as women with really big breats and lots of robots and sci-fi, but it so much more than that.

Anime comes in all kinds of genres: romance, sci-fi, fantasy, kids, fighting, comedy, etc. Many of these are combined with a few elements or mixed all together. It is so much more complex than american cartoons. In anime there is so much more character development. If someone is evil, throughout the anime you will learn about what makes them so evil and what in their past has caused this. If someone is happy, you also find out why?

There is so much to explain about anime, so if you are interested in what makes anime good for all audiences I suggest reading this post. It talks about why parents should let their children watch anime and what makes anime so good.

So far i've been taken on a journey of strange animals, magical card decks, those fighting the wrongs of society, a guy turning into a cat, and a short ^-^ boy who has a power of turning things into metal, etc. I have been on this journey for 5 years thus far. Let's see where the next 5+ years take me.
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