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Ahh neck... can't move...!

Ah, neck hurts, been at computer too long. I got bored and started to make banners for the icons that may win in my icon community. It's hard to even try and copy other's designs especially when you don't know what they did. Anyway there are only three places for a chance to win and I only have 3 icons, so I guess it's cool that I made the banners.

My time sure did fly. I've been on the computer for a while, just messing around. I got two magazines tonight so i'll probably stop and read those. One is Animation Magazine which is all about all different kinds of animation all over the world. cmer there is a section about Teen Titans so i'll get back to you about the article. The other is Animerica, an anime magazine. It talked about some of the latest Studio Ghibli films comming to the US. Can't wait to get them. Plus, I want to see the movie Howl's Moving Castle which should come to theathers. I'm such a nerd.
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