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I'm an Anime Ditz

Today, I couldn't tell you if it was good or bad, it was just interesting. This morning i ran late for class but made it with 5 minutes to spare. Then I brought my Nintendo DS to school b/c I thought today was going to be boring. A guy in my class had one and he showed me how to connect the two to chat. Many of the guys in my side of the room were asking me about the DS. It's funny when guys in my classes ask me about computers, gaming, and such cause there seems to be this mentality about talking to girls about that stuff, don't get it.

My second class I got an "A" on a paper and I completly bsed a little metaphor using DaVinci's work with oil paints to an artist working on a computer. I rock. It just came to me before, but I don't think i'll be doing that good in that class anymore. I'm just not that motivated, but trying to be.

Then the rest of my day went ok. Told my friend in HoAF class, AJ, to expect that my phone might vibrate during class b/c orcapotter might text me. Of'course I told him that I was considering getting the FMA box set. He got really excstatic b/c he thought the boxed set would be more than just 4 episodes but I told him no. AJ asked me if Inuyasha still had new episodes airing in Japan. I told him I believed so, but if I'm wrong would you please correct me.

I had to wait for a classmate before my last class. Bored I decided to look around for the price of the FMA boxed set on the internet. I came across the Best Buy website and it said they were selling it for $33.99 on the net. "Wow" I thought it was cheap b/c the MSRP is $49.99. I bought it online and told the website I would be in the store for pick-up. I had to wait and keep checking my e-mail through my last class for a comfirmation letter to see if they even had one. Sure enough after all my worrying they did.

After class I went down to the Waterford Lakes Best Buy and picked it up. I looked around the store to see if they had anymore but I couldn't find one. It's a little dented, but it will be fine.

Then I walked all the way through the parking lot to the Barnes & Noble to see if they had Fruits Bakset Vol. 7, which they didn't. I decided to go over to the Borders instead and they had like 12 copies! I went through all of them and found the best one ^_^.

So now i've read the first two chapters of FB and i'm about to watch my DVD, could life be any better?

Don't try this at home. The writer still has hw to do!! Oh well.

FMA Friends/Fans who have the boxed set: Ask me for the "Missing" Song from the OST and i'd be glad to send it to you ^_^

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