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Ugh, this weekend is going to suck. So much hw to do. Not to mention the up and coming holiday.

A wrote a little essay awhile back discussing the differences of Valentine's Day traditions from the US and Japan. It's interesting so check it out. Feel free to disagree with me. I wrote this on an angry day.

The traditions we hold for Valentine’s Day in America aren’t fair. One sex is expected to do something and to give something while the other doesn’t do much at all. To further go into the explanation of fairness in Valentine’s Day I will cover two countries, each with their own version of how to celebrate this day.

USA: In the United States as it is in other countries Valentine’s Day is clearly a time when men give women who they are dating, or who they like, flowers or candy. Even jewelry is given at times. In some cases women do give men gifts but it is usually the women who expect something to be given to them. Also some couples go out to dinner or also go to dinner as well as give each other gifts. Children in school pass out Valentines, a card, that are given to close friends or crushes.

Japan: In Japan the holiday of Valentine’s Day has taken a different approach. Traditionally a girl makes chocolates and gives these chocolates to their crushes, boyfriends, or really close friends. These chocolates tend to be made of milk chocolates and are handmade, but the tradition of giving chocolates can also be store-bought. In turn another holiday was created, White Day which is on March 14th, for the boys to repay their gratitude to the girls by giving them white-chocolate. This tradition has been changed over the years and now anything can be given on White Day. Friends also give gifts to show their appreciation for their friendship.

So now you can see why our traditions in America aren’t fair. If you are a girl, do you think that it is fair that you expect the guy in your life to get you something? If you are a guy, do you think it is fair that you go out searching for the right flowers or candy while you get nothing for your gratitude? Maybe we should change our ways of thinking and adopt more of the ways of the Japanese. Let’s make this day for love and not just about the products.
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