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Dreams are prognostic?

Everyone is talking about their strange dreams right now. Well i've got one too. I had this dream last night where I was checking out Will's new apartment. As far as I know he doesn't have one b/c I haven't seen the guy in like a year. It was very bizarre for me to have a dream with him suddenly in it for the fact that I for the most point have completely forgotten about him. After all, I don't see him anymore.

Then today I had finished taking my quiz in music tech and had like 45 minutes until my next class. A girl I walk with to my next class, Jennie, said she had to go to the Communications building and would I mind coming with her. Of course I had nothing to do so I went. We started to walk to the stairs in the communication building. We walked down a hallway and there was a class at the end of the hallway with the door open. And who is in a desk right next to the door but Will.

I think it's just funny. My dream was in no way a romantic dream, he was just showing me his apartment in the dream. I think it was a way of telling me "Be prepared because you'll see Will today." I probably wont see the guy for another year from now or something.

I also remember eating chocolate in my dream last night. Maybe that means I'll be having chocolate some time today. Yum! I hope that comes true.

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