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Will work for Bishies!

bishie (bEE shEE)
1. A really hot guy
2. A guy that is feminine in look or personality

Today sucked, well not as much as cmer's day. Go give her a hug. So anyway I don't know what it was about today but it just did. I couldn't get to doing my homework. It was so easy that I would just stare at it and not want to do it. My only light in the day was when I ran into orianna_summers quite by accident. We were joking about this poster she was going to make, thus the title of the post. So can't wait for MegaCon, I so need a break. But i've been to busy to buy tickets online cause i wasn't sure what everyone else was up to.

For cmer or any anime fan.

Since you said you like gothic stuff I had been meaning to tell you about this anime for sometime. It is very short, only 13 episodes, and I think so far it is the best short anime series I have seen. Out of many of the dramatic animes I have seen I think it is one of the best. I loved it and still to this day don't get it, thats what makes it so great.

taken from
Haibane Renmei ("Charcoal Feather Federation") follows the story of a girl named Rakka, beginning with her dream of falling through the sky and her subsequent birth out of a large cocoon. Rakka is a Haibane; she looks like a normal girl except for a halo and a pair of vestigial ash-grey wings. No one truly knows what the Haibane are. When they are born, they remember nothing of their previous life, and even their names come from the dream they had while in the cocoon ('Rakka,' for example, means 'falling' or 'descent').
Rakka lives in the Haibane Nest called Old Home, in the town of Guri. Guri is surrounded by a massive wall - no one is allowed to touch it or pass through its gates except traders from the outside known as the Touga. A mysterious organization known as the Haibane Renmei oversees and protects the Haibane and orchestrates their dealings with the townspeople. Haibane have specific rules which govern their lives:

- Haibane must find some sort of work. This is their way of giving back to the town, which pays for the heating and electricity costs at Old Home.
- Haibane are not allowed to use anything new. All their possessions, including clothes, must be used items which the townspeople no longer want.

- Haibane do not use money. All their transactions are marked down in their handbook, and presumably people are reimbursed by the Haibane Renmei at a later date.

The thirteen episodes of the series follow Rakka as she learns more and more about her surroundings, her fellow Haibane, and ultimately about herself. It is a dramatic, gripping show which will sometimes make you smile, and sometimes tear at your heart. It deals with serious issues of loss, grief, and self which keep you riveted and draw you close to the characters.

Found this on the net. It takes awhile to understand why it relates to FMA but please watch it through. If you don't understand why it relates you will need to see the recently released FMA on DVD to understand why.

You'll need Windows Media Player of one that supports wmv. Just paste it in your address bar and watch.


So my days sucks b/c so many people don't do what is required of them and I have to pick up the slack. I didn't think i'd have to much hw to do on wednsday, I was wrong.

BTW: I joined Gaia. Let the RPing begin ^_^.

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