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The Ultimate Weekend *crash*

"Orlando must have the biggest concentration of geeks."
~guy in my Prob. Solving class

This weeked was crazy crazy. Of'course technically my weekend starts on Friday cause I have no school that day. I know your jealous right now.

Friday: Around 4:00 pm I set off to go to the bank. The Girl Scouts were there and practically smothered me until I bought some cookies. So of'course I bought a box of thin mints. Then I headed over to orcapotter's (kim) house. orianna_summers (Manda) was already there and they were watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding. We finished watching that and hermione_like (Dixie) came over and then watched the last hour or so of Matrix Revolutions. After a really great dinner of hot dogs and hamburgers we watched episodes of the first volume of Azumanga Daioh!. Then we decided to switch and watch the 2nd Inuyasha movie. We each either had a Smirnoff or a wine cooler as we watched. We thought we should make a drinking game everytime Inuyasha yelled out Kagome or everytime Kagome said Inuyasha but we didn't do that. We spent the night giggling about the movie and just being silly. We went to be around 12:30 am so we could wake up early to get to MegaCon.

Saturday: We all woke up around 6:15 am. It took us a little longer than we had planned but we got out of the house close to on time. Manda dressed up in a school-girl outfit, Kim wore a FMA shirt, and Dixie her Azkaban shirt. We picked up aboyandhisrobot (Ben) and set off. We listened to the FMA soundtrak in the car as we drove on the greenway towards the convention center.

We got to the parking lot and the price said $10 but b/c we were florida residents we only had to pay $4, score. Then we walked throughout the convention center all the way to the other side for the convention. We got there around 8:30 am and the ticket line was already moving. We didn't have to wait to long, 10 minutes or so, in line. Then we had to go wait in another line for the dealer's room to open at 10:00 am. We waited in line talking about peoples costumes and such. "OMG that girl dressed up is a guy!". We saw all kinds of outfits waiting in line. Then Manda went off while the rest of us waited to find some friends of hers. She came back reporting that there were FMA MegaCon shirts and Kim and I ran off to go buy them. We talked with this guy in the line that wanted to talk with some of the comic book artits so he could get a job. He was nice and his work was really good.

The door finally opened and we poured in. Being this was my first con I was completly at awe with the whole thing. We decided to go through the dealers room in a sort of pattern. Manda and I got seperated a few times but we managed to find everyone again. The first thing I bought was my Ein plush from Cowboy Bebop. I've wanted it for a long time and was so happy when I bought it. I did manage to find it a little cheaper at another table, but I learned about this as we went along. I bought some posters at another table and bought Manda one b/c there was only one of it and she stepped out for a few minutes. I also bought Pockey, a type of Japanese snack, and a Japanese soda called ラムネ (Ramune) at that same table. Then I found this wonderful dealers table, I need to get the name of that dealer, where I bought the bulk of my stuff. I got this 6 inch Ed Elric from FMA that I saw in Animerica Magazine. I was so happy cause it was an import and no one else had it.

We then deicded we were all hungry. Kim had made us peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches for lunch. I really enjoyed it because she makes it with strawberry jam, mmm. I also drank my japanese soda, which was ornage flavored and Manda showed me how to open it. I took out my Ed figure and tryed to put it together. Well Kim decided she really wanted it too and her and Manda ran back in. After they came back Dixie and I went to that booth again. I got two grab bag items, one from CCS and one from FMA. I got a really cool Sakura anda Roy from FMA (oh you must see a pictures of this, it's hilarious, will put up pictures).

After all this we went to the AMV room (anime music videos). All of the videos seemed to be similar. They were all a similar feeling and half of them used Hellsing footage. It got really old very quickly. It was crazy and half the people in there didn't bathe or put deodorant on, eww. The gitl next to me kept talking to me about the videos and which ones she liked. She seemed to be a Naruto fan, which is an anime I am not familiar with. I left the room early with Manda and Dixie so we could stretch our legs, since we were sitting on the floor, and apparently that girl thought I was still there and was trying to talk with me ^_^.

We then went to a pannel that was for getting into the biz for writing, screenwriting, etc. It was very interesting but since I couldn't see the 1 guy, out of 3 that were supposed to be there, talking I was a little bored. So I continued to listen to him but I pulled out my Sakura, which is in pieces, and put it together. The room was very cold and his lecture was very sililar to a guy who my teacher invited to class just the other day so it seemed to be like a similar speech. But nonetheless it was interesting.

We left the room, and I was glad b/c I was freezing, except for Dixie who stayed to meet an author in the room. Manda took off to find her boyfriend, Leif, and the rest of us stood in the hallway and looked at the people dressed up (pictures coming soon). Manda came back with Leif and we all, except Dixie went back to the dealers room. We all went to take pictures of this giant Al from FMA that someone could win. Then we headed out to the back to talk with some comic book artists. I followed but went on my own short quest. I found everyone again and continued to walk, talk, and look at the artists' work. Then we rounded out the last bit that we still had to cover and I got a good deal on 4 pins, 3 Fruits Basket and 1 FMA.

At some point we met back with Dixie and we all decided, since it was 5:40 pm, that it was time to start heading back. Manda went with Leif and we all planned to meet back at Panera bread near Kim's house. Manda and Leif went a different route and got stuck in traffic. The rest of us were starving and after waiting for about 40 minutes got dinner. They finally showed up and we all ate. Then we headed back to Kim's house, bit Manda got turned around and it too them 20 minutes or so to get to Kim's house which is only 2 minutes or less from Panera. We all went through our inventory at the house and looked at pictures that Kim had taken. Then we were all exhasted and we each went home.

I came home and had to get out of the lie and tell my mom the truth about me going to MegaCon. She said she was cool with it but she didn't seem cool. She said she was just tired. I showed her all my stuff and it seemed to lighten everything up. The only thing she seemed to disapprove of was Ein and I knew she would. She was all like "another stuffed animal?". I just stayed up long enough to catch my episode of FMA and amazingly was able to catch the episode of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex after it (I was curious about what happeded to the poor tachikomas). Then sometime after that I feel asleep and the day was over.

Sunday: Where to begin... Well I get to waork and I already knew we were going to be one less cashier today, but we were also short another employee. We also had a problem with the phone system b/c the power had gone out before I got there. We couldn't page over the intercom, put people on hold, transfer their calls, or really do anything. It was just crazy. I am so wiped out from it all right now. I had to practically run around the store and appoligize to people every couple of minutes. I just kept saying "Please, don't ever let me have a day like this again." Well I got home and looked at my icon lj. I had to update the results of my community. I looked at the fma_awards post and both myslef and orcapixels aka orcapotter made the top 3. And we were going against 23 icons. Yay, i'm so happy b/c it was just a simple idea that came to me and I didn't even think it was my best. I didn't even get around to voting with everything going on and all. You can see these icons here.

So now this weekend is coming to a close and as I hear the breeze of the wind outside I am reminded that the wind will eventually end and so has this weekend.

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