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My professor watches anime.

First news: I changed my Mokona icon that I first started with, to a new Mokona icon. I figured after 6 months of being on lj it was time for a change.

Today I had a presentation which I think I did horrible at and ruined for my group, but well thats over now. But I could be wrong, we'll just have to see.

So getting to the title of this entry... My professor was talking about some show today called Robot Chicken which I was under the impression that it was on [adult swim]. AJ and myself were all like thinking if the teacher watches [adult swim] regularly. So after class we waited and asked him if he watches it. To me I figured this guy was a Futurama and Family Guy kinda person. He told us "yes" that he mostly watches saturday nights. So of'course we asked him what he watches and he says mainly Fullmetal Alchemist. This guy is like my dads age or older, so it was like my dad saying he watches it. I was actually all like "wow" I would have so never pegged this guy as an anime fan.

Also today one of my suspicions came true. A couple of weeks ago I had a visitor in my class and everytime the guy talked one of my TAs was grinning ear to ear. I had for a long time thought the guy was gay but didn't want to be wrong. Well anyway much outside of class the other TA in my class told me, when i asked, that the visitor was the boyfriend of the first TA. I was right ^_^

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