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Better but not wonderful

Well after my rant yesterday about the teacher I loathe and want to kill, I talked with him after class. Seems I got an "F" because I did too much on the test. Yes, you read right too much. So the students who didn't do as much as I did got higher grades. Yeah, well anyway the tacher did curve it somehow and I have a "C" in there currently. I felt so bad for a guy in my class b/c the teacher told him that he was mediocre and would most likely fail, and that his work was in no way outstanding. If I was him i'd just want to punch the teacher.

Well I was bored earlier and while trying to keep my mind off of the little talk I was to have with the teacher started to create a new community. I don't really plan on running it much but plan to find myself another mod who will take it over. The name of the community is called fma_hush and is an Icon awards community for FMA. The "hush" part means that you can't have any text in your icons, just emotions and actions that express the theme.

I'm going to need to get some sleep, I almost fell asleep in my HoAF class today. True the lights were turned off and my friend wasn't there to keep me awake, but I think I still need to catch up on my sleep.

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