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Music inside my head

Everytime I walk into my room I get this strong smell of plastic when I walk past my bookshelf. It is a constant reminder of my weekend at MegaCon b/c either my Ed, Roy, or Sakura figures are penetrating through the air.

Anyway I had to present a project to a kid for my creative problem solving class. I had to give them a project that would be both fun and would allow them to learn, I chose to teach the Recorder, a musical instrument.

We all sat in a room filled with chairs and couches. A lady came in dressed in sky blue sweatpants and jacket. She began to call out our names and tell us if our child was here or not. Afterwards I had a hard time hearing so I asked how we knew if our child was here. I found out from the TA that she wasn’t. Everyone who did not have a kid was told to pair up with someone who did and they could switch off. I paired up with capri321 Jennie, her kid, and another girl. We all played Jennie’s game which was a huge board game where you were the pieces. It was fun. Afterwards I asked the girl if she wanted to try my thing. We tried and I got her to play a song but she didn’t seem that interested so we just went up to where I thought any kid who wasn’t interested it music wound go. After that I talked to one of the adults and she told me about my kid, Maya. Maya likes music a lot and is trying to learn to play Clarinet. I thought this was wonderful because I played Clarinet for 6 years. I talked with the lady about Maya and also showed her all about the book and what I was going to teacher her. She seemed impressed especially, since I had included “Amazing Grace” as one of the songs. Then after I asked her questions about the program and where she was located. I was especially interested in the Casselberry location since I live in Casselberry and have lived there since I was 5 yrs old. I don’t have the time to help out now, but maybe in the summer or something. Then she asked me about myself and what I was studying. I told her about the “Visual Language” program and she told me her seventeen year old son was also into animation. After that I took the recorder to be cleaned into the bathroom. Then I decided to ask the teacher if he had a piece of paper so I could write a letter to Maya telling her about our common interest and how I wish I could have met her. I also gave her some contact information so she could talk to me. Then I gave all of this stuff, plus a little portable radio for her to the lady.

Afterwards I went around and talked to all the other kids and the students working with them. I asked them what they did and if they enjoyed their projects. All of them were very ecstatic, or was that the sugar taking? I stuck by the guys with the hamster for awhile because the guy was a little saddened for having to give his new hamster up. I promised to get him a discount at PetsMart for a new one ^_^. Then the sound of music filled the air and I went out to watch the one student who was playing tunes on his keyboard and making up music to whatever theme or idea people could come up with. Very funny themes were created and it was very entertaining, especially “Human Easter Bunny”. Then everyone filed out to take a picture and the kids left. Tom’s kid almost missed the bus she was having so much fun with him because afterwards they went back inside and everyone was taking off.

Overall, it was a very productive day. Not in the way I thought it would be, but still good.

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Let the music play

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The human Easter Bunny

Yay, FMA tonight, must not forget to watch.

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