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Today is White Day

Yay, to everyone who celebrated White Day! All my friends mean so much to me and i'm glad we are all there for each other. I was going to make everyone of my friends little goodies for White Day but it came up sooner than I expected.

Guess what?! I'm getting a PS2 tomorrow! I'm buying it from a co-worker who really needs the money. He's ony charging me $40 and giving me 3 games. The games will interest my dad more than me, so he can play them. I went to Target on my break and bought Kingdom Hearts so i'll have something to play. So yeah, you wont see me for the rest of Spring Break b/c i'll be glued to the PS2. Anyone got any ideas for any good games I might want to get? I was considering buying the FMA game.

Celebrate White Day March 14

PS: orcapotter plase read and check out this post if you didn't see it yet.
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