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End of Spring Break

So Spring Break is officially over AND WHATS THIS YOU SAY spring has just officially started? What's with that. I think I need one more week.

My Spring Break Check List
What I did:
[x] See a movie
[x] Go to an amusment park
[x] Mess around on the computer

What i didn't do:
[ ] Go to the beach
[ ] Sew a costume for JACON
[ ] Re-do layout for website
[ ] Hang with friends more
[ ] Do homework
[ ] Get drunk (j/k wasn't planning to do this one, lol)
[ ] Draw
[ ] Mess around in Photoshop
[ ] Learn Macromedia Flash
[ ] Learn Maya

What i didn't plan:
[x] Getting a PS2
[x] The weather, cold and wet
[x] Having my cousin, and her baby, visit
[x] Feeling utterly miserably b/c well, ya know, i'm a girl and... too much info already
[x] Having to wait at home for a day for a package

Anyone who has Spring Break this week... LUCKY i'm jealous! You'll all have better weather than me I think. Not fair. Hey anyone whos spring break is this week, shout out and i'll check my schedule.
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