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Dr. T & the Woman

Well Jeanne, the woman, is gone but she has left much for me behind. I had power through the entire ordeal and thus we watched lame movies that my grandma could enjoy. I put my foot down when my mom suggested "The Sound of Music". I like the movie but enough was enough. I wish I had my DVD player back in my room so I could watch whatever I wanted to watch, but no. The other DVD player is also mine but we all share it. I should have been doing my hw through the storm. I don't know why I didn't, but I was all planned to do it, but I never picked up my book.

Have any of you heard of Dr. Trevisani? He's a very famous plastic surgeon in central florida. NEwayz his brother, also a doc, lives diagonally from me. Dr T's tree fell into my backyard and in my pool. It only missed the house by inches. I'm not lying, only inches. I'll put up a pic when I find that damn digital camera. Don't know where my dad put it.

Well now that it's monday I have to go to work now. Yes, work. Work is open. I wonder how many people will be running around trying to get dog food today? I would have hoped they had already bought it before the storm in case of emergencies. I'm with orcapotter when she complains about those last minute people who buy the stupidest things at the last minute.

BTW "Dr. T & the Woman" is a spoof on the name of the movie "Dr. T & the Women", never saw it though.

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