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First day back *sigh*

Ahh back in school today and I could not get into routine. I even almost fell asleep during my last class, but that's cause it's boring.

I'm all nervous because I have an interview for "Visual Language" degree tomorrow. I hope I get in, or else everything i've done will feel like i've done it for nothing. I guess I could always switch to "Internet Interaction" but it's not what I really want to do.

I'm excited because I found 2 FanFictions that I wrote on my computer and thought I had lost. One was extremly long and I re-read both of them. I think I wrote them 4 years ago and it really took me back. I enjoyed it. Neither is finished and i'd like to go over them and finish them when I have the time.

Guess what? I get to write a paper on an anime, TV or theatircal, for my class. Who's jealous? I told the teacher I might do it on Fullmetal Alchemist and he was all for it b/c he watches it too. My friend AJ really wants to do it and after I said I wanted to he decided to do something else. I feel like I should do something else so he can have it, afterall he said he wanted to do FMA first. He almost has all 51 episodes downloaded, I don't know but I think it's wrong to do that. Maybe i'll do mine on Tsubasa Chronicle. It comes out in 3 weeks, but I doubt i'll find a fansub of that in time.

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